Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ono: Capcom execs DO NOT approve SSFIV Arcade Edition DLC

Over the weekend SSFIV Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono tweeted that Capcom execs did not approve his proposal to bring the changes and characters in SSFIV Arcade Edition.  He later tweeted that he is not giving up and that he is also pushing to remake Darkstalkers, the mid nineties horror themed fighter that popularized many of Capcom's modern fighting game mechanics.

Don't give up Yun and Yang lovers, something tells me we'll get our fix of these too-cool-for-school twins

here are the tweets from sunday:

ThxSo,I got aproval from my boss asInafune-san.But I cant take it from Highupstairs ;(RT @Medikor83:Good luck on getting ur bosses to OK dlc
SRY. I dont. I dont give up it ;D RT @a_khanv:When will you find out if AE DLC is approved by the higher ups?

No diggity! But I'm not giving up yet for AE's DLC and make new DarkStalkers!! RT @FarParade: Higher upstairs at Capcom are foolish!

Plz hold on just a bit. I pursue negotiations with Upstairs. ;) RT @kazuki20:do we have any news on the ae of SSF4 coming to home consoles?
Thx! But Upstairs think that DS doesnt popular.So sad. RT @KlausRaynor:I'll do anything for a new DS.I'llpay any price!plz make it happenOno

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Magneto, Modok, Sir Arthur, and Spencer Confirmed for MVC3 at comicon

Its been a really busy few days in the street fighter world.  This morning four new characters for MvC3 were announced.  Series favorite, Magneto is back, and stronger than ever, in addition to Modok, Sir Arthur, and Spencer.  you can see all of the new characters' gameplay after the jump

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Capcom Arcade Brings Free Street Fighter II to the iPhone

For those of you looking to get your fight on the go, Capcom has just announced another option for you.  Capcom Arcade coming in early November will feature fully emulated arcade classics such as Ghouls and Ghosts, 1942, Commando, and of course Street Fighter II.  The games will use similar control schemes as those found in the Street Fighter IV iPhone app.  Each day you will be given a set of tokens to play for free, if you want to keep playing for the day you can by more tokens, or buy the virtual cabinet to play unlimted.  I'm very excited to see fully emulated Arcade classics, its a step in the right direction for the future of iPhone ports. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ono teases first pic of 3rd Strike Online Edition

SSFIV executive producer Yoshinori Ono tweeted the first shot of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition running on a PS3.

"Today, I had played something! It's non-stress match-up ! So, I'm looking foward to it!! Eveyone Plz wait soon."

For those of you unfamiliar with Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike this video may explain why there is so much excitement for this game

Monday, October 4, 2010

WTF is a Combo Video anyway

As some of you may have seen in my previous posts, the combo systems in Capcom fighting games tend to have a myriad of possibilities.  Though once you understand the core principles behind how fighting games work it becomes much easier to explore these engines.  The two main elements of fighting games are hitboxes, or the areas on screen in which the character can cause and take damage, and frames, the amount of time it takes certain moves to start up and finish animating.  If you know how many frames a move takes to start up and finish you can then figure the optimum ways in which to link multiple moves together.
Hit boxes as seen in Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix

Friday, October 1, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Nintendo 3DS Trailer

This trailer was just posted to Capcom-Unity's youtube page and it explains some of the new features that SSFIV3D will have. Are you guys as hype as i am about this? This could be the first fighting game worth playing on a handheld!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Focus Attacks will not be in Street Fighter x Tekken

According to a recent interview with SFxT and SSFIV producer Yoshinorio Ono, the focus attack element from the SFIV will not be in Street Fighter x Tekken.  More details on the concept for the game engine can be found in the interview.

I for one am glad they won't make it, while I like the system, i'd like to see in engine innovations for this title.  This could be the biggest fighting game of all time

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Daigo V. Gamerbee casuals

In the vid below you can see some killer footage from two of the world's top SSFIV players. Gamerbee is an up and coming Korean player who eliminated Justin Wong (2009 U.S. champion) at this years evo to go on to top 8 and place 5th overall out over 1000 contestants. Daigo is the currently a two time world champion and one of the most recognizable names in gaming. This can be nothing short of epic! Click through for more vids!

Seth Killian talks to gamespot about MVC3

Gamespot has posted an interview with Seth Killian (Capcom's Internal Fan Representative) about MVC3 from last weekend's Tokyo Game Show.  In the interview he reveals that the cast is at about 50% meaning we can hopefully expect about 20 more characters!  Hit play to see the interview or click the gamespot link above

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mad Catz Sale!

Now through the 6th of October Mad Catz will be having a sale on their arcade sticks!  if you've ever wanted to get a stick a great price now is your chance!  The Tournament Edition usually goes for about 150$ and is on sale for 100$!  check out his post over at SRK for details!  The sale even includes the new limited edition Chun Li stick which is one of the finest sticks i've ever played on or looked at! ^_^

Joystick Review: MadCatz Tournament Edition Fight Stick

tl;dr: MadCatz TE Fight Stick is the easiest stick on the market to mod, and the most widely available joystick in all of north America.  The numbers don't lie though it plays 'arcade perfect' and is hands down the best value in arcade sticks, especially when it is on sale.

-All sanwa parts
-mimics the look and layout of the official SSFIV arcade cab
-the easiest stick on the market to modify and repair
-most customizable mass manufactured stick to date
-front mounted start buttons and xbox/psn button lock
-easily stores and travels thanks to cord storage and thin profile
-heavy to some, but this is a matter of preference

With the release of Street Fighter IV, Capcom realized that there were not enough Arcade Sticks on the market to meet the demand the game would create.  So when it was announced that Mad Catz had secured the deal to make the sticks, the community was appalled.  After this is the same MadCatz that had been delivering sub-par controllers and peripherals for the past ten years, no way they could make an arcade stick that would rival Hori.  Their previous attempt seen to the right was beyond unusable for fighting game purposes.  So much so that many of the controllers were bought for the soul purpose of being a PCB donor to custom and dual-modified sticks.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Most popular SSFIV main characters

A recently released poll over at Shoryuken has answered the question of who the most popular main characters are for fighting game players.  I'm sure you can guess who is number one, but the rest of the list does hold some surprises.  Click below to see the results!

Gootecks' Guide to beating your friends at Street Fighter

California tournament player, and host of the well regarded cross-counter series on Machima. Gootecks has written a beginners guide to SSFIV called The Cross Counter Guide to Beating Your Friends.  The guide covers many principles that will help you beat your friends, and just become a better over all player.  You can buy a copy through the link or download a free digital copy! This is a killer resource for anyone who wants to level up and understand the game just a little deeper without too much work.  You can follow the link on the image below

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Desk combo dummy glitch explained

Desk has uploaded this video to explain some of the weird behavior exhibited by the combo dummies in his last combo video.
This is a fun and easy glitch to get you started, but believe me finding glitches in these games can be immensely rewarding.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Joystick Review Series

I am going to start reviewing different brands and models of Arcade style Joysticks. In addition i will provide some insights into the culture of Arcade sticks and how they've impacted the fighting game scene.

MadCatz Fight Stick TE GOLD
only available at EVO World Championship

I've used MANY different types of stick over the years and can give a great recomendations based on needs and money.  I'll rate the sticks out of the following categories:
1. How acurate is the stick compared to the arcade cabinet?
2. What sort of parts is the stick fitted with?
3. How portable, comfortable and convenient is the stick to use.
4.  Can the stick be used without modifying?
5. How easy is it to mod the stick?

The Original Hori Real Arcade Pro (HRAP)
One of the first 'Arcade Perfect' joystick to enter the mass martker

For example, the original Hori Real Arcade Pro was one of the first Arcade-Accurate sticks on the market.  It came stock with the highly regarded Sanwa JLF which is the standard arcade stick used in Japanese arcade cabinets, and while it came with cheaper chinese hori buttons, the buttons were wired with quick disconnect terminals which allowed for an easy swap to popular buttons from either Sanwa or Seimetsu.  Its a little heavy after carrying it around all day at a tournament, but fits perfectly in the lap and very accurately represents the arcade feel. The only awkward things about it are face-positioned start and select buttons, which make mashing tricky if you're not careful and its lack of cable storing, though this has only become a feature on sticks in the last two years, so it is very understandable.

Accuracy: 7.5/10 the button layout is not ideal, and lack of sanwa buttons is the sticks overall low point. Make no mistake though, the stick is ready for almost any level of arcade action.

Part and build quality:  8/10 again the lack of sanwa buttons hurts, but cannot stop an all around well designed stick.

Ease of use: 9/10 the only things affecting this score are the face positioned start and select and lack of wire storage, but both are very easy quips to get over.  An overall great feeling stick.

How Modifiable? 9 /10 while its difficult to get in the case, once you're in, the use of quick disconnect terminals and a common-ground PCB make this a very easy and rewarding stick to modify.

Does it need modification? 10/10 no it does not.

Total Grade: 87/B+

While its not perfect, it was the first of its kind and its innovative spirit has come to define the future of the arcade-parts industry

SSFIV for PC still an internal struggle at Capcom

A few days ago we got word from Capcom, that they would not release the latest iteration of Street Fighter IV to PC due to piracy concerns. Today over at Capcom-Unity Capcom's VP of Strategic Planning, Christian Svensson had this to say

"I don't know how to be more clear guys. While I wish it weren't the case, the answer as I've repeatedly said for the past year or so is "no"... until such time it hopefully becomes "yes". There are some of us that still want to see that happen."

there's still a little hope!  i really wanna see what kind of modded costumes people can come up with for juri!

The Cult of Mike Ross

While Street Fighter IV has brought many new faces to the game, few have a ascended as far or fast as Mike Ross.
Despite the many new players to the game, it is still a scene dominated by the champions of yesteryear. Justin Wong, Daigo, Alex Valle, and Ricky Ortiz just to name a few. Mike Ross has bucked this trend and was the second highest placing American at EVO.
He's become known as the people's champ, and its not hard to see why. His incredible clutch and ability to turn the momentum in his favor even when he's about to lose is what makes him and incredible player and a very interesting fighter to watch
the following are vids are some of his greatest moments click through the jump to see them all!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Capcom Announce's New SSFIV Costumes Release Date

Capcom has just announced that the new costume pack will be out on October 26th!
here's my favorite new costume and a trailer with the others.
I'm super pumped for these!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maj's Classic Ryu Combo Exhibition

To celebrate an amazing first day of blogging, here is a little treat from the combo video master Majestros

This is truly a work of art and anybody who enjoys gaming would enjoy this!

Peaceful Jay's 24 hr stream

If you haven't had the chance, check out the 24/7 stream run by Peaceful Jay over at justin.tv
Its been going 24/7 for the past three weeks.  players like juicebox abel, sabre, marn, and alex valle have all been frequenting the stream, as well as many up and comers like Lamerboi and Zeniside.  check out the link below for all the action!

The world map According To Street Fighter

this awesome map plots out every fighter in the history of the series.  As you can see SSFIV has a long way to go to even get close to all of them


over at desk's youtube page, he's published the 5th of his HAND EXECUTED combo videos. He just keeps taking the ante up and i'm sure you'll see some setups you a) didn't think were possible, and b) can't believe were done by hand. I wonder if other players will ever be able to scale these heights of execution.

Ono's Twitter Reveals SSFIV: AE may be in the works for console

over at Ono-San's twitter, he's revealed his age old adage that if you demand for it, you will get it.  I wonder if we'll see another disc release as the game is getting entirely rebalanced, or if it will be DLC, only time will tell

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New MVC3 Footage from TGS Featuring Wesker, Spider Man, and Tron Bonne

New video out of japan from over the weekend. The footage features several of the characters revealed late last week.

Yun and Yang Ultra Combos!

iplaywinner.com has just posted these great videos that give us the first real glimpse of Yun and Yang's new ultra moves in the hotly anticipated Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

We're Live!

hey everyone! welcome to JJ's Street Fighter News, we'll have all the latest on upcoming and current Capcom titles and in depth analysis of the current issues and hottest matches on the scene!