Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ono: Capcom execs DO NOT approve SSFIV Arcade Edition DLC

Over the weekend SSFIV Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono tweeted that Capcom execs did not approve his proposal to bring the changes and characters in SSFIV Arcade Edition.  He later tweeted that he is not giving up and that he is also pushing to remake Darkstalkers, the mid nineties horror themed fighter that popularized many of Capcom's modern fighting game mechanics.

Don't give up Yun and Yang lovers, something tells me we'll get our fix of these too-cool-for-school twins

here are the tweets from sunday:

ThxSo,I got aproval from my boss asInafune-san.But I cant take it from Highupstairs ;(RT @Medikor83:Good luck on getting ur bosses to OK dlc
SRY. I dont. I dont give up it ;D RT @a_khanv:When will you find out if AE DLC is approved by the higher ups?

No diggity! But I'm not giving up yet for AE's DLC and make new DarkStalkers!! RT @FarParade: Higher upstairs at Capcom are foolish!

Plz hold on just a bit. I pursue negotiations with Upstairs. ;) RT @kazuki20:do we have any news on the ae of SSF4 coming to home consoles?
Thx! But Upstairs think that DS doesnt popular.So sad. RT @KlausRaynor:I'll do anything for a new DS.I'llpay any price!plz make it happenOno